Paula’s Autobiography

My name is Paula Foreman, a senior student at Texas Southern University. I entered TSU in Fall 2008 and am finally embarking upon the end of my journey. I come from a single parent home in Southwest Houston and understand the positive results of hard labor. I watched my mom struggle to raise my brother and I, which makes my zest for life and success that much stronger. Growing up I always knew that I wanted to be successful and that I needed an education to do it. My mom was a student at TSU when I was a little girl and I practically grew up on the tiger walk. I knew that if I wanted to provide for my future family, it was a must that I complete a college curriculum.

Coming into TSU, I was a university cheerleader. I felt that I was doing a great job at representing the boys who were laying it all on the field by doing the same myself. My greatest memories of my life stem from my tenure on the cheerleading squad: traveling, laughs, long talks with the girls, and having fun on the field. During the time I was on the cheerleading squad, getting married and having a family was the last thing on my mind. It took one person to change all of that.

George Foreman IV was in one of my classes and the rest was history. He was always sweet, kind, and made me feel as if I was the only girl on the planet. At this time I had no idea that my life would change forever as we transitioned from dating to marriage. My life became more purposeful when I found out I was expecting and in July 2012 I gave birth to George Foreman VII. My child has pushed my hunger for success to the limit and now as I accomplish new achievements, it is all to make sure I’m setting a foundation for him. I need to be the best example I can be as a mother and do my part to ensure he knows the value of hard work the same way my mom did way back then.

Upon graduation in May, I plan on working in PR for an oil and gas company. I ultimately plan on becoming one of the biggest socialites in Houston and dominate the field in a way no one has seen yet. I am also in hopes of managing a few careers for people in the fields that incorporate media new and old. PR is a field that is so often forgotten, but still manages to be one of the most important aspects of any business venture. My main aspiration is to gain notoriety through my proficient publicity skills and my steadfast attitude that won’t allow me to accept defeat. I have people who support me and I cannot let them down; that is my motivation daily to continue forth in my endeavors. Paula Foreman will be the face of Houston PR and will dominate in every avenue.


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